South African Coronavirus Reduces Effectiveness of Pfizer Vaccine

The South African strain of coronavirus reduces immune response by two-thirds in people vaccinated with Pfizer’s drug.

The New England Journal of Medicine reports.

As part of the study, scientists contrasted sars-Cov-2 cells with blood samples from 15 previously vaccinated patients. As it turned out, the number of antibodies produced as a result of contact with the South African strain decreased by two-thirds compared with those cases when the most common variant of the virus was used.

At the same time, according to one of the researchers Scott Weaver, a decrease in the immune response by 2/3 can still be considered “relatively good protection against a new variant of coronavirus.”

Pfizer, in turn, noted that so far no evidence has been found that the vaccine it has developed does not provide protection against this strain.

As previously reported, doctors noticed a multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children with coronavirus. The disease usually occurs several weeks after infection.

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