Slovakia has sold the Sputnik V vaccine back to Russia

Slovakia has sold the Sputnik V vaccine back to Russia

The Slovak Ministry of Health has sold 160,000 doses of Sputnik V vaccines to the Russian side, which were purchased from Moscow in the spring.

This is reported by Dennik N.

The contract for the sale of vaccines was published in the central register of contracts. We are talking about 80,000 first doses and 80,000-second doses. “The vaccines are already outside Slovakia,” the Ministry of Health confirmed.

has Russian vaccines in stock only for those who are waiting for the first or second dose. In general, 10,500 people received Sputnik V. 8,000 people are still waiting for the vaccine. “We are left with vaccines for the of citizens who have applied for vaccination,” said Zuzana Eliashova, a spokeswoman for the ministry.

It was possible to register for Sputnik V only until June 30, from July people can apply only for EU-registered vaccines-Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson.

The Russian side purchased the vaccines a month or two before the expiration date and paid the same amount for them as Slovakia. “The Russian side purchased them at exactly the same price for which we purchased them — $9.95 per dose,” Eliashova said.

The cost of transport will be fully paid by the buyer-the Russian company Human Vaccine, it is noted in the contract. If Russians do not want to take vaccines, if they are damaged, for example, is not threatened with a fine, only adequate compensation. Having received the vaccines, will no longer be able to return them.

Last week, the Slovak government stated that the state can donate or sell Sputnik V vaccines that are not needed.

As you know, is facing a political crisis after two small parties announced a possible withdrawal from the ruling coalition due to the government’s purchase of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine.

Prime Minister Igor Matovich resigned, and Eduard Geger took his place. Matovich remained in the government as Minister of Finance.

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