Slovak authorities failed to re-test the mass

The Slovak authorities have postponed indefinitely the re-mass testing for of the entire population of the country.

According to the Slovak Spectator, re-mass testing in the country was scheduled for December 6-7.

This decision was made due to the lack of tests for coronavirus. The government has already signed a contract for the supply of 16 million tests, and the first batch of 4 million tests was due to arrive in the country on December 2. Due to difficulties in supplying the government of Slovakia, there were not enough available tests to conduct universal testing of the population.

In addition, the idea of retesting people has drawn criticism from the country’s society. In particular, the association of cities and communities of the country demanded to abandon nationwide testing. Because, as they state, the incidence of has not decreased since the first test.

According to the portal, during the entire epidemic in Slovakia, 101,257 people fell ill, 56,378 people recovered, and 749 died.

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