Six people died during a Pfizer vaccine trial

Half of the dead were over 55 years old. Two people died in the vaccinated group and four in the placebo group.

Six participants died in a vaccine study by the US company Pfizer and Germany’s BioNTech. Two deaths occurred in the vaccinated group, four in the placebo group, according to the website Of the US food and drug administration (FDA).

So, in the group of vaccine testers, one participant suffering from obesity and atherosclerosis died three days after the first dose of the drug was administered. Another participant’s heart stopped 60 days after the second dose was administered, and his death was recorded three days later.

In the placebo group, two people died of a stroke and heart attack, and the cause of death of two more participants is being determined.

Half of the dead in all groups were over the age of 55.

Before that, we wrote that Britain is the first in the world to start mass COVID vaccination. The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine will be the first to reach residents of nursing homes and hospice workers. Priority is also given to people over the age of 80 and health workers.

We also add that the EU is preparing to receive the first batches of COVID-vaccines. EU countries will receive the vaccine at the same time. This is expected to happen in early January.

One thought on “Six people died during a Pfizer vaccine trial”

  1. What did they use for the “PLACEBO”?

    Ideally it should have been saline — but that is rarely the case in vaccine trials.

    I know that in one of the COVID vaccine trials, the “placebo” was a meningitis vaccine. This is a frequently used tactic that obscures the true rate of vaccine injury.

    We have published science with a number of vaccines that suggests increased systemic inflammation and increased susceptibility to non-target infections for some time following a vaccine….which likely contributes to increased injury and death following vaccination.

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