Shakira dyed her hair pink

The singer showed her new hairstyle to followers on Instagram.

It seems that Shakira followed the trend for colored hair from Tiktok. Voila! — with this signature, Shakira accompanied a of her new image. The fans love it, so do we! If you have not yet decided on coloring, then follow the example of the singer — pink hair or at least a few tinted strands will look very relevant in spring.

The performer also posted a video of how she styles her hair with a hairdryer-comb, along the way talking about the dyeing process. “I originally wanted the color to be pinker,” she said in Spanish. “But since I ran out of pink paint, I had to mix it with another one that was at home — and it turned out to be more concentrated.” Well, Shakira, fuchsia on hair looks great too!

Subscribers noted that her new image is similar to that in which she was on the television show MTV Unplugged in 2000. It looks like this is further confirmation that the zeros fashion is back (whether we like it or not).

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