Seven EU countries have approved the Covishield vaccine for entry

Seven EU countries have approved the Covishield vaccine for entry

Seven countries have approved the Indian Covishield  for incoming travelers.

The BBC writes about this with reference to its sources.

Travelers who have received doses of Covishield will now be eligible for travel to Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Greece, Ireland, and Spain. Separately, Estonia confirmed that it recognizes all vaccines approved by India.

Sources said that Iceland and Switzerland, which are not part of the EU, have also made the acceptable for travel.

Earlier, the media reported that India threatened not to recognize EU vaccines for travelers if the bloc does not do the same for Indian vaccines.

Covishield is an Indian version of Vaxzevria from AstraZeneca, allowed in the EU.

All the vaccines that currently qualify for travel to the EU have been approved by the European Medicines Agency. The European Commission has left it up to individual member states to decide whether to allow travelers to enter with vaccines not approved by the EMA.

The Covishield  was included in the WHO list for use in emergency situations in February.

The material does not indicate whether this permission applies only to citizens of these countries who received the in India, or even visitors from any country.

Recall that digital COVID certificates have officially started operating in the European Union since July 1, which should simplify travel in Europe.

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