Seven countries have joined the EU sanctions against Belarus

Seven countries have joined the EU sanctions against Belarus

We are talking about the fourth package of restrictive measures, adopted in response to the interception of Ryanair flights and the arrest of Protasiewicz in Minsk.

Seven states, which are not members of the European Union, joined the community against Belarus. This is stated in a press release of the EU Council, released on Tuesday, July 6.

The decision to impose restrictive measures against the republic was taken by the authorities of Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway.

It’s about joining the fourth package of the EU against Belarus, adopted on June 21 in response to the interception of Ryanair aircraft by Minsk and the detention of Belarusian opposition activist Roman Protasevich.

“The decision means that the national policy of the countries is consistent with the decision of the EU Council. takes into account this commitment and welcomes it,” stated in a press release.

Recall that Alexander Lukashenko threatened Western countries to limit the transit of goods from Germany through the country to China and Russia if Europe “will be aggravated by new rounds of sanctions.

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