Serbian President announced the largest military exercise of the country

The largest air force exercise in Serbia’s history will take place on 10 October.

This was announced on Monday in an address to the nation by President Aleksandar Vucic.

“On Saturday, we will hold the biggest exercise ever held. Everything that we have, everything that flies, shoots in the air, you can see from the air. Live fire, the biggest exercise, you will see the full power of the Serbian aviation, it will be an unprecedented [spectacle] that you can compare with what we had just seven years ago when we could fly one or two MiG-21s. You can see our most modern and most powerful helicopters armed to the teeth, our planes, not only bombers but also fully armed fighters, for the first time we will take our drones into the air, I hope the weather will not let us down and it will become a spectacle for all Serbian citizens, ” said Vucic.

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