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Scottish MP with COVID-19 attends British Parliament cheering

British police have launched an investigation into MP Margaret Ferrier, who attended a meeting of the British House of Commons this week, suspecting that she had contracted a new type of coronavirus.

Ferrier also violated the rules of self-isolation by traveling home from London to Glasgow after learning that the diagnosis was confirmed. This was reported by the Sky News TV channel.

“This is absolutely irresponsible behavior. It is extremely irresponsible to expose fellow MPs and members of parliament to such a risk,” Speaker of the House of Commons Lindsay Hoyle told the TV channel.

The Scottish National Party, which Ferrier represents in parliament, has already announced that it is expelling a woman from its ranks. Many colleagues have already called on Ferrier, who has apologized for her act, to resign.

Explaining her behavior, the woman wrote on Twitter that, having felt mild symptoms of the disease at the end of last week, she was tested for coronavirus, but two days later, feeling better, she went to London for a meeting of parliament. On the same day, she learned that she was ill and went back to Glasgow without consulting anyone.

Since September 28, Great Britain has introduced fines for violation of the self-isolation regime by patients with in the amount of £1,000 to £10,000.

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