Scottish leader on post-Brexit deal: We need independence

The decision to leave the UK from the is being implemented against the wishes of the Scots, so, according to the head of the Scottish government, it must gain independence.

First Minister of Nicola Sturgeon reacted to the news about the agreement between London and Brussels on the of the parties after Brexit. The politician demanded to give Scotland independence. Sturgeon wrote this on her , which reports European Truth.

“Before the fuss begins, it’s worth remembering that Brexit is happening against the will of the Scots. There is no deal that can ever make up for what Brexit took from us. It is time for us to determine our own future as an independent, European nation,” she stressed.

Earlier on Thursday, December 24, it was reported that the EU and the UK managed to work out an agreement on the future relationship after Brexit.

Recall that recent opinion polls have shown that a majority of people in Scotland support independence. Meanwhile, in 2014, in a referendum on Scottish independence 55% of citizens voted against separation from Britain.

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