Russia has imposed retaliatory sanctions against the EU

Russia has imposed retaliatory sanctions against the EU

The Russian authorities have decided to ban eight citizens of member states and representatives of official EU structures from entering the country.

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced on Friday, April 30, retaliatory measures against EU .

They note that only in March, six Russians were subject to EU restrictions.

“All our proposals to resolve any problematic issues that arise between and the EU in the mode of direct professional dialogue are consistently ignored or rejected,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

The EU’s actions in Moscow are explained by the fact that Brussels wants “to restrain the development of our country at any cost.” “

Impose its one-sided concept of a “rules-based world order” that undermines international law. To openly challenge the independence of Russian foreign and domestic policy. This is done openly and deliberately. And, of course, with the knowledge and encouragement of the United States, which does not hide its interest in returning Europe into an arena of acute geopolitical confrontation,” the statement says.

The retaliatory sanctions of the Russian Federation are related to the restrictive measures imposed by the EU Council on March 2 and 22. In this regard, it was decided to close the entry to the territory of Russia to eight citizens of the EU member states and representatives of official EU structures.

Recall, after the meeting of the EU Council, the head of the diplomacy Josep Borrel said that so far no sanctions against the Russian Federation are planned to be introduced.

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