Royal biographer made it clear when Elizabeth II will abdicate

Royal biographer made it clear when Elizabeth II will abdicate

Royal biographer Robert Jobson believes that Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain will cede the throne to Prince Charles next year when she turns 95. Jobson said this in The Royal Beat, writes the Daily Mail.

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“I still firmly believe that when the Queen turns 95, she will leave the post,” said the biographer.

Elizabeth II turns 95 in April 2021, and Prince Charles is 72 this fall.

As the eldest son of Elizabeth II, he is first in line to the royal throne.

Usually, the queen celebrates her birthday twice. The first time was on April 21, the day of his birth. This holiday takes place with the family.

On the second birthday, in June, the official pompous action takes place with the participation of the royal family carriage procession and the RAF air parade over Buckingham Palace. But this year, amid the  pandemic, its format had to be reduced to a mini-parade and fireworks.

Recall that Elizabeth II ascended the throne at the age of twenty-five, after the death of her father, George VI.

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Earlier we wrote that Queen Elizabeth II has a new official portrait. The photo of the British Queen was made especially for Canada and will be located in government buildings, schools, and embassies. The picture shows Her Majesty posing in a tiara.

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