Resorts in Spain want to return the curfew due to an outbreak of infections

Resorts in Spain want to return the curfew due to an outbreak of infections

In Spain, the Canary Islands, and the Mediterranean region of Valencia have asked the government to return the curfew to counteract the growing level of infection among unvaccinated young people.

This is reported by Reuters.

In recent months, there have been fewer new cases in the whole country, but their number has started to grow since mid-June, which is caused by a more infectious variant of “Delta” and more communication among young people.

The number of hospitalizations has started to grow but remains much lower than the level that was observed at the beginning of this year.

Daily mortality has been decreasing since April, as the most vulnerable groups, such as the elderly and people with concomitant diseases, have been vaccinated.

Since the state of emergency ended in May, regional authorities are responsible for fighting COVID-19, but they need the court or government permits for harsh measures such as lockdown, travel ban, and curfew.

The regional government of the Canary Islands said it will ask the Supreme Court to allow a curfew from 0.30 to 6.00 in Tenerife, where the highest incidence of  on the islands is.

Defending the event, regional leader Angel Victor Torres said on Friday that it would prevent crowds from gathering over the weekend.

“The pressure on hospitals is starting to grow. In Tenerife, the occupancy rate of intensive care units is about 15%, and young people are admitted to the intensive care unit,” he said.

Valencia, home to the popular resort of Benidorm, and the central region of Castile and Leon have already asked the central government for a curfew, but Health Minister Carolina Darias said on Wednesday that this is not being considered.

As reported, the German Robert Koch Institute, one of the central institutions under the German Ministry of Health, returned to the “red zone” due to the prevalence of the Delta  strain and the rapid increase in the number of infections.

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