Record 23 tons of cocaine seized in European ports

The drugs were found in the ports of Antwerp and Hamburg, where container ships from Panama and Paraguay arrived.

Law enforcement agencies of the three EU countries conducted a joint operation against drug dealers and seized a consignment of cocaine in the amount of more than 23 tons. This is a new record for Europe, police said in the on Wednesday 24 February.

“Never before has so much cocaine been intercepted at one time. The capture and ongoing were carried out in close and intensive cooperation between the police, customs, and prosecutors in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium,” the report said.

The drugs were seized at the ports of Antwerp and Hamburg, where container ships from Panama (in a container with firewood) and Paraguay (in a container with wall filler) arrived, respectively. Law enforcement officers in the found 7.2 tons of cocaine, and in more than 16 tons.

The drug carrier was a 28-year-old Dutch citizen. He was arrested this morning.

In Germany, they said that “a huge amount of cocaine could bring several billion euros in the event of street sales.”

We will remind, in November, the Belgian police seized 11.5 tons of cocaine in the port of Antwerp worth more than 900 million euros. Then it was claimed that this is the largest batch of drugs that the police have ever found in the whole world.

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