Putin’s diplomat got into a loud scandal in Latvia

At the height of the pandemic, at the end of March, in the courtyard of a private house in Riga, the military attache of the Russian Federation in Latvia, Ruslan Ushakov, hosted a party with the participation of about 10 people and complete disregard for quarantine standards.

According to Delfi, neighbors dissatisfied with the loud music called the police.

However, after a short conversation with Ushakov, the law enforcement officers left without taking any action. The military attache himself then began to show the neighbors indecent gestures.

“The police responded and a patrol crew went to the specified address. However, the information was not confirmed — when the police arrived in the courtyard there were only members of one household,” — said the representative of the State Police Anze Rosie.

At the same time, according to witnesses, the police did not enter the house where the rest of the party was hiding. At the end of the rest, they left in cars with diplomatic license plates.

In turn, on April 13, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of protested to the temporary charge d’affaires of the Russian Embassy in Latvia, Vadim Vasiliev, noting that Ushakov’s actions are unacceptable.

“The Vienna Convention provides certain privileges, but any representative of the diplomatic service should behave respectfully and comply with the legal norms of the host country, and representatives of law enforcement agencies who perform professional duties should be treated accordingly,” the Foreign Ministry said.

It is noted that the Charge d’affaires of the Russian Embassy expressed understanding of the position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of and assured that this case will not be ignored.

Earlier, the Italian Information and Internal Agency said that operatives from the GRU, the FSB, and the Foreign Intelligence Service are working for in their country. They act under the guise of accredited diplomats and hold positions in the embassy and consulates of the Russian Federation. In total, we are talking about at least 80 Russian spies.

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