Provocation at the Transnistrian checkpoint

Provocation at the Transnistrian checkpoint

Activists of the Moldovan Alliance for Alliance with Romania (AUR) party have set up a provocation on the border with unrecognized Transnistria, trying to enter the town of Bender for agitation. This was reported on Wednesday by the online edition of Novosti Pridnestrovie.

“A bus with Moldovan nationalists from the Alliance for Unification with party drove up to the Transnistrian border checkpoint in Vernita. The unionists (as the supporters of unification are called here) unfurled flags and played the Romanian anthem, shouted that there is no such state as Transnistria, and demanded that they be allowed into Bender and Tiraspol to campaign for their party,” the report said.

Last Monday Transnistria’s border guards also prevented a bus with AUR activists from entering the town of Ribnitsa, after which they went to the administrative center of the Gagauz autonomy, Comrat, where they were turned away by local residents on the central square.

The Central Electoral Commission of Moldova registered two parties for the liquidation of the Moldovan state — the Romanian party AUR, which registered its branch in the country, and the National Unity Party, to run at the July 11 early parliamentary elections. In the Romanian parliamentary of December 6, 2020, the AUR nationalists won more than 9% of the votes, coming in fourth place among the five parties that passed into parliament.

According to polls, the majority of Romanians support the idea of unification with Moldova, but among Moldovans, supporters of this idea make up less than a third of the population.

The political in Moldova has led to the announcement of early parliamentary elections. President Maia Sandu, upon taking office, pushed for the resignation of the government and blocked the appointment of a new cabinet, thus provoking the dissolution of the legislative body.

Among those who have announced their participation in the elections, sociologists consider the Action and Solidarity Party, founded by Sandu, and the electoral bloc “Communists and Socialists”, which unites the Party of Socialists and the Party of Communists, to be the favorites. The regional formations “Shor” and the electoral bloc “Renato Usatii” have a chance to enter the parliament, while the others have a low chance.

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