Prince William spoke about the characters of his children and the hidden talent of Kate Middleton

In the new documentary “Prince William: A Planet for Us”, the 38-year-old Duke of Cambridge not only talked about his work on the environment and its importance, but also shared details about his children, seven-year-old Prince George, five-year-old Princess Charlotte, and two-year-old Prince Louis, and 38-year-old wife Kate Middleton.

During his visit to Liverpool, Prince William talked to the children who had built a large insect hotel. In addition to discussing the importance of insects to the environment, the children also talked to William and their sons and daughters, Kate Middleton.

Isn’t Princess Charlotte cheekier than Prince George?

  • they asked.

But the Duke of Cambridge did not single out any of his children and noted that all three succeeded in it.

No, they are all equally brazen. They are very impudent,

  • he said.

The children also asked him if their family could dance Floss. As it turned out, Princess Charlotte and her mother have this talent, but Prince William himself cannot dance.

Charlotte mastered it at the age of four. Catherine also knows how to dance it. And I can’t. The way I dance Floss is terrible,

  • he said.

The Duke also told that their children with the Duchess love to be in the fresh air and watch the nature — they can look with interest how bees make honey.

Especially George loves to be in the fresh air. If he is not outside, he is like a beast in a cage,

  • William noted.

The interest of children of spouses to nature is really very great. The other day they even talked to the famous British naturalist David Attenborough and asked him questions about nature.

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