Portugal bans domestic travel

Portugal bans domestic travel

Checkpoints have been set up throughout Portugal to stop unauthorized travel during the five-day travel ban. Reported by Reuters.

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The travel ban kicks in on Friday to contain the spread of the coronavirus as new cases hit a record high in the country.

Travel between more than 300 municipalities in Portugal has been banned to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission during All Saints’ National Day, but there are exceptions, particularly for those commuting to work.

Portugal has had a relatively small number of confirmed cases since the start of the pandemic at 137,272 and 2,468 deaths, but on Friday the number of new cases reached 4,656, the highest daily number.

As reported, as of the morning of October 30, 45,347,550 cases of coronavirus were registered in the world. 1,186,388 people died, 32,995,820 recovered.

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