Pope Francis wants to legalize same-sex marriage

Pope Francis has called for civil union laws for same-sex couples, backing down from the official position of the and its predecessors on the issue.

He expressed this proposal in a documentary about the pastoral care of those who identify as LGBT, according to the Catholic News Agency.

“Homosexuals have the right to be part of the family. They are children of God and have the right to a family. No one should be expelled or unhappy because of this,” Pope Francis said in the film Francesco, which premiered Wednesday, October 21 at Rome Film Festival.

“We must create a law on the civil union. So that they are protected by law,” said the Pope and added. “I stood up for this.”

The documentary Francesco features interviews with Vatican officials, including Cardinal Luis Tagle and other Pope associates, addressing the protection of and refugees, the poor, sexual violence by clergy, the role of women in society, and the attitude of Catholics and others towards those who identify themselves as LGBT.

The publication recalled that in 2010 when the future pope was the archbishop of Buenos Aires, he opposed attempts to legalize same-sex marriage.

We will remind, in Poland, the authorities want to prohibit the adoption of children by gay couples at the level of the constitution.

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