Pope Francis noted the impact of artificial intelligence on society

Pope Francis noted the impact of artificial intelligence on society

Advances in artificial intelligence have already led to dramatic changes in society, but the progress of robotics cannot make the world a better place by itself. Pope Francis spoke about this in a monthly video message with prayer petitions, Vatican News reported on November 5.

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“Artificial Intelligence is at the heart of the epochal changes we are experiencing. Robotics can make the world a better place when combined with the common good. Because technological progress increases inequality, then it is not genuine progress. Future development should be guided by respect for human dignity and Creation. Let us pray that the progress of robotics and artificial intelligence will always serve man and be, and be — let’s say — “human”, ” said the pontiff.

Let us remind you that in my address at the seminar held in February at the Vatican on the topic “Good” algorithm. Artificial Intelligence: Ethics, the Law, Health ”, Pope Francis, recognizing the many advantages of these technologies, expressed concern about the ethical side of the issue of human interaction with algorithms at the socio-economic level.

“From digital footprints on the Internet, algorithms extract data that allows us to control thinking and social habits for commercial or political purposes, often without our knowledge. Such an asymmetry — when few know everything about us, and we know nothing about them — dulls critical thinking and hinders the conscious exercise of freedom. Inequality is increasing immensely, and knowledge and wealth are accumulating in several hands, which is fraught with a serious risk for a democratic society, ” the pontiff said in his address.

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