Police reports injured in German hostage-taking

Police reports injured in German hostage-taking

Two people were injured during a hostage-taking incident on a bus in Bavaria. This was reported by the police of Middle Franconia on their Facebook page.

The police specified that on the evening of September 21, the intercity bus was traveling toward Munich, its destination was Serbia. After the collision between the passengers, the bus stopped and the passengers left the salon, three drivers remained inside, along with a 30-year-old Serbian citizen, who, according to some reports, was armed. One of the drivers was contacted by cell phone, those remaining in the cabin left the bus, and the man was detained without resistance.

“According to the latest reports … there was a physical collision between several passengers on the bus for undisclosed reasons, with two people slightly injured. According to eyewitnesses, a dangerous situation could have ensued,” the report said.

The day before, an unidentified man took two people, hostage, on the southern freeway in southern Germany. According to preliminary data, the captured where bus drivers.

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