Poland: tightening the abortion law

Poland: tightening the abortion law

The Polish Constitutional Court declared abortions illegal in case of severe deviations in the development of the fetus, thereby satisfying the complaint of a group of deputies of the right-wing conservative camp. This tightened up one of the most severe abortion laws in Europe. The media write that the court’s decision was not legal, but politically motivated.

Cynical and treacherous calculation

This decision is a real scandal, says the Suddeutsche Zeitung:

“It is no coincidence that the decision was made right now. The government, led by the national-populist PiS party led by Kaczynski, has recently suffered from a number of scandals. In addition, due to months of miscalculations and omissions in the work of hospitals and departments of the country, it now bears part of the responsibility for the explosive growth in the number of  cases. The distraction maneuver … came in handy. If there were no restrictions due to the epidemic, tens and hundreds of thousands of Polish women would take to the streets to protest the ban on abortion. But now there will be no mass protest — that was the reason for the cynical and treacherous calculation, which has long become the hallmark of this government.”

Most are against!

The online portal addresses the opposition and urges them to tackle this topic closely:

“The majority of Poles are unequivocally opposed to toughening the current law on abortion. Whether the current sharp affront regarding women’s rights will turn into a new round of support for the opposition movement now depends entirely on how well the opposition succeeds in convincing voters that the decision of the Constitutional Court was not just technical, but was dictated by the political will of the ruling party.”

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