Poland abolished criminal liability for doctors in the treatment of COVID-19

In the fight against coronavirus in Poland, not only doctors specializing in infectious diseases or intensive care are involved.

The Polish Sejm has passed a law abolishing criminal liability for doctors who make an unintentional mistake while treating patients with COVID-19.

“The amendment implies that if a doctor treating a patient with a coronavirus commits an unintentional medical error that does not lead to serious consequences for the patient, he will not be punished,” the message said.

It is specified that the decision was supported by 423 deputies, 11 were against, 9 abstained.

The new law also provides for measures to increase the salaries of physicians working with patients with COVID-19, relaxation in the employment rates of medical personnel, including the procedures for admitting foreigners to this work.

Next week, the law will be considered by the Senate (upper house of parliament), after which it will go to the president for signature.

The rate of spread of infection in Poland in the past two weeks has been growing rapidly, and now it has established itself at a very high level for the country — more than 10 thousand cases per day.

At the moment, in Poland, the number of detected cases of coronavirus infection has reached 214 thousand, 4 thousand infected have died, more than 102 thousand have recovered.

On Thursday, another maximum was recorded — 12 107 new cases of infection were detected per day.

The republic has introduced a widespread mask regime and a number of other restrictions aimed at countering the spread of coronavirus.

Earlier it was reported that two temporary hospitals for patients with COVID-19 will be opened in Warsaw. The first of them will be located at the national stadium and will be able to accommodate up to a thousand beds. They are still looking for a place for the second. They also plan to open hospitals in other Polish cities.

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