Pilots prevented the crash of the plane of Polish President Duda

Pilots prevented the crash of the plane of Polish President Duda

The plane of Polish President Andrzej Duda almost crashed when landing in the city of Lublin in the east of the country in early June 2020. This is reported by the portal Wirtualna Polska.

It is noted that the pilots of the liner seriously violated the safety rules. Shortly before landing, the crew was informed about the need to change the landing direction. As a result, the pilots had to make a dangerous maneuver during the descent. Due to several control errors, the aircraft began to quickly lose altitude. In the end, the plane was able to land without damage.

Independent aviation expert Grzegorz Brychczynski said that the life of the Polish president was in serious danger.

He noted that the pilots trusted the automatic equipment too much, while the weather over Lublin that day was clear.

In April 2010, the Polish ”Board N1“ Tu-154 crashed while landing at the Smolensk airport. As a result, 96 people were killed, including the then head of state Lech Kaczynski and his wife, well-known politicians, and military figures. The Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) concluded that the reasons for the were the crew’s decision not to go to the alternate airfield in fog conditions, as well as shortcomings in the training of the pilots of the presidential detachment.

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