Palestine will resume relations with Israel

Palestine will restore relations with Israel. This was stated by the Minister of Civil Affairs of the Palestinian National Authority, Hussein al-Sheikh, the Palestinian news agency WAFA reported on Wednesday, November 18.

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Based on the official letters received confirming Israel’s commitment to bilateral agreements, Palestinian Authority relations with Israel are returning to the level they were before May 19, 2020.

According to the Middle East Monitor, such a decision could help Palestine in receiving tax payments in the amount of three billion shekels ($890 million), which Israel did not transfer to Palestine after the PNA terminated agreements in May this year. At the same time, the Palestinian economy suffered greatly during the pandemic.

In turn, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin said that the time had come to build confidence and make peace, including with the Palestinians.

“The new friendship between Israel and Bahrain and other countries in our region clearly shows that peace is possible and peace will not wait. Therefore, I make it clear to the Palestinian people that Israel wants to live in peace in this region. Jews and Muslims, children of Abraham, Israelis, and Palestinians are not doomed to live together, we are fated to live together. It’s time to build trust and make peace, “Rivlin said.

According to the President, both countries have many prospects for cooperation in various fields.

We will remind that earlier Israel’s annexation of Palestinian lands in the West Bank of the Jordan River was provided for in the “deal of the century” on the Middle East settlement, which was presented on January 28 by US President Donald Trump. The plan gives the Israeli authorities the green light to annex about 30% of the West Bank. Then Palestine announced its withdrawal from all agreements with Israel and the United States.

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