Polish president confused Biden with Trump at the UN General Assembly

Polish President Andrzej Duda confused the current US President Joe Biden with his predecessor Donald Trump when he spoke to journalists about the problems of the White House at the UN General Assembly, the Onet portal reports.

“At present, the administration of President Donald Trump has many problems, for example, the situation in Afghanistan, which it should deal with,” he said.

Such embarrassments happen, including among the US presidents themselves. Earlier, Joe Biden during a public speech confused two ex-presidents — his colleague in the Democratic Party, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump. At the time, a spokeswoman for Republican Senator Josh Hawley called it a ” Freudian slip.”

Poland will place 250 Abrams tanks on the border with Belarus

Supplies of military vehicles from the United States will begin next year. Poland intends to pay $23 billion for the tanks.

Warsaw will station Abrams tanks, purchased in the United States, on the border with Belarus. The question is about the M1A2 Abrams SEP v3 modification. It is planned to place 250 military vehicles on the border. Polish National Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak told this, reports Polskie radio.

“250 of the most modern tanks will be placed in the east of our country. This will contribute to strengthening security in Poland,” the minister said.

Under the agreement, Washington is to deliver 250 tanks to Warsaw. Deliveries will start in 2022. American tanks will cost $23 billion for Poland.

Blaszczak also says that the migration pressure on the Polish-Belarusian border has not ceased. However, the decision to extend the state of emergency has not yet been taken.

“Migration pressure on the Polish-Belarusian border has not stopped, we can even say that it is more. 85 kilometers of the 2.5-meter fence has already been built… But this is a temporary structure, undoubtedly, preventing hybrid activities carried out by the Belarusian side. There are terrorist threats, we are prepared for that,” said Mariusz Blaszczak.

Meanwhile, Belarus intends to deploy S-400 on the border with Ukraine. “They are starting to heat us up from the south,” so “we will have to close this perimeter as well,” says Lukashenko.

The world’s largest companies are asking to save the planet

More than 150 companies around the world have called for accelerated decarbonization of the shipping industry by 2050.

In a document called Call for Action, they called on governments around the world to take more drastic measures by tightening environmental requirements. Major corporations such as Shell, BP, Maersk, and Trafigura are involved in the Earth Rescue Initiative. It is noted that the sea transportation of goods provides about 90 percent of world trade, while shipping accounts for about three percent of the world’s harmful emissions.

It follows from the appeal that in addition to the requirement for complete decarbonization by 2050, it is necessary that by 2030 at least five percent of the fuel for ships should be renewable.

The document emphasizes that politicians have a “historic opportunity” to accelerate the process of getting rid of emissions. This can be helped by a carbon tax on marine fuels and by encouraging investment in the construction of zero-emission ships.

Earlier, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that the world is on the road to disaster due to possible warming of 2.7 degrees. He called for the intensification of forces to achieve the goal of the Paris Agreement to contain global warming within 1.5 degrees.

Boris Johnson admitted that he wanted to change his name in honor of the god of the north wind

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, speaking at the UN General Assembly, said that he was thinking about changing his name in honor of the god of the north wind in Greek mythology, and becoming Boreas Johnson to support renewable energy sources, writes The Guardian.

“We have built huge forests of wind turbines in the North Sea between Britain and the Netherlands. We produce so much energy thanks to the wind that I even thought of changing my name in honor of the god of the north wind and becoming Boreas Johnson,” the British prime minister said.

He built his speech on the problems of ecology and the fight against climate change in a comic style, and even remembered the character of the “Muppet Show” Kermit the frog.

“When Kermit the frog sang that it’s not easy to be green, I’ll say that he was wrong. This is both easy, pleasant, and correct,” Johnson said.

In conclusion, he warned that if urgent measures are not taken, ” we will make this beautiful planet virtually uninhabitable — not only for us but also for many other biological species.”

On September 14, the 76th session of the UN General Assembly officially opened in New York. On September 21, a high-level week began, which will be attended by leaders, heads of government, and ministries of the countries.

The method of hacking any Apple computer is named

With the help of the program built into macOS, it is possible to hack any Mac computer. This is reported by the publication Bleeping Computer.

The error was discovered by security researcher Park Minchan and partially fixed by Apple. The vulnerability allows you to launch special addresses through emails without the user’s knowledge. This can lead to hacking of the computer.

The Minchan called the error he found a zero-day vulnerability, that is, a problem against which a protective mechanism has not yet been developed. Hackers operating in this way can place links with the .inetloc extension in emails that allow you to open internal bookmarks or network resources using the Finder program. “A vulnerability in macOS Finder allows files with the .inetloc extension to execute arbitrary commands,” the author said.

Such links can be placed unnoticeably in emails. When you click on the link, the command will be executed in the background so that the victim will not notice the attack on his computer.

Apple has already released a patch but has not assigned a CVE identification number to the vulnerability. According to Park Minchin, the company’s engineers have only partially corrected the flaw. Bleeping Computer journalists successfully tested the vulnerability described by Minchan and informed Apple about it, but did not receive a prompt response.

In early autumn, security experts spoke about the possibility of an attack on Windows through a vulnerability in the mechanism of the Internet Explorer browser. Hacking begins with sending MS Office files by mail.

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