Oil supplies from Russia in Poland will fall by half

Warsaw continues to reduce its dependence on Moscow, so the largest Polish oil refining company Orlen signed a new contract with Rosneft, where the volume of oil supplies in 2022-2023 is reduced from 5.4-6.6 million to 3.6 million tons.

“The monthly volume of supplies under the contract will amount to 300 thousand tons of raw materials. It meets the conditions agreed upon during negotiations with the Russian side. The limitation of volumes does not affect the safety of supplies to the refinery of the Orlen group,” the Polish company said in a statement.

The contract with the Polish company was one of the largest in the export portfolio of Rosneft, which dominated the Polish market. In addition, most of the Polish refineries were built with reference to the Druzhba pipeline, and the plant technologies were focused on processing Urals oil.

However, since 2016, Orlen has taken a course towards diversifying supplies, starting cooperation with Saudi Arabia, as well as purchasing shipments from Nigeria, Algeria, and the United States, and in January 2021 the Poles announced an increase in the supply of Saudi oil from 300 thousand to 400 thousand tons. In addition, in March, the Polish company announced a one-year contract with the Texas-based Exxon for 1 million tons of oil.

Let us remind you that this is not the first oil market from which the Russian Federation is being squeezed out. Thus, lost the oil battle to for China. At the end of 2020, the Saudis supplied more oil to than Russia: 84.92 million Mideast tons versus 83.57 million tonnes of staples.

It was also reported that in 2016-2018, Rosneft supplied 6-8.4 million tons of oil to Orlen, but the Poles managed to significantly reduce this volume.

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