Nobel Prize Ceremonies to be held in Stockholm and Oslo

The culmination of Nobel Week — the ceremony to mark the awarding of prizes to the laureates — will be held today in the Swedish and Norwegian capitals.

The events will take place on the day of the memory of Alfred Nobel, who passed away on December 10, 1896.

Due to the pandemic, Nobel Week 2020 has become the most unusual in the history of awards. Most of her events take place online.

In this unique year in the history of the Nobel Prize, all laureates have already received gold medals and diplomas over the past few days in their countries — Germany, Great Britain, the USA, and  — in cooperation with Swedish diplomatic missions. Solemn presentations were recorded on video, they will become part of television programs, which will be broadcasted by the Swedish TV channel Es-ve-te and the Norwegian N-er-ko. The awards ceremonies, which will only be attended by a small audience, will be broadcast from the Golden Hall of Stockholm City Hall and the University of Oslo.

Usually, the laureates receive honorary diplomas and gold medals from the hands of the King of Carl XVI Gustav at the Stockholm Philharmonic. The Peace Prize, according to the will of Alfred Nobel, is awarded in Oslo, in the last 30 years — in the city hall.

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