Netanyahu secretly meet with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia

The Israeli Prime Minister, along with the US Secretary of State, secretly met with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. During the meeting, the sides discussed the normalization of relations between the countries.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu secretly visited Saudi Arabia, where he met with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The meeting took place on Sunday, November 22, writes the New York Times.

According to the newspaper, the meeting was also attended by the director of Israel’s political intelligence Mossad Yossi Cohen.

Netanyahu’s office did not confirm this information but did not deny it either.

Later, the American newspaper Wall Street Journal, referring to one of the high-ranking Saudi advisers familiar with the negotiations, wrote that during a secret meeting, politicians discussed improving relations between the countries, as well as Iran.

According to media reports, no significant agreements have been reached.

The negotiations lasted no more than two hours.

Prior to that, it became known that for the first time US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited a settlement in the West Bank of Jordan. He also plans to go to the Golan Heights for the first time.

As previously reported, Palestine will resume relations with Israel. In turn, announced the need for reconciliation with Palestine and pointed to many prospects for cooperation in various fields.

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