NATO increases the military budget for 2021

Next year, the military budget will amount to 1.61 billion euros, and the civil one — 258.9 million euros, the Alliance decided.

NATO has adopted a budget for 2021, which provides for an increase in spending on civilian and military structures of the Alliance. This was reported on the NATO website on Friday, December 18.

“During the North Atlantic Council meeting on December 16, 2020, the Allies agreed on a city budget of €258.9 million and a military budget of €1.61 billion for 2021. All member countries contribute to these budgets based on an agreed spending formula developed on the basis of GNP volumes, “the message says.

The Citizens Budget will be used to support personnel, operational, and program costs at NATO’s Brussels headquarters. It was increased by 0.9% compared to the current one. At the same time, the military budget covers the costs of maintaining the personnel of NATO military command structures, operational needs, and programs, missions, and operations of NATO around the world. This component has been increased by 5%.

In addition, in 2021, €259.4 million from the military budget will fund NATO operations and missions, including Operation Resolute Support Afghanistan, Peacekeeping in Kosovo (KFOR), and NATO’s training mission in Iraq.

Finally, in addition to civil and military budgets, another area of NATO co-financing will be the Security Investment Program. It includes key expenditures on infrastructure development, investments in improving the military command and control system. For this program in 2021, a ceiling is set at 710 million euros.

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