NASA has begun the first flight tests of the Ingenuity helicopter on Mars

The first flight tests of the Ingenuity drone, delivered by the rover to the Red Planet, have begun. This was announced on Monday, April 19, by the US National Aeronautics and Administration (NASA) on Twitter.

It is planned that the helicopter in autonomous mode will rise to a height of about 3 m, holding it for about 30 seconds. Then, as experts expect, the device will descend and land on the surface of Mars.

On February 19, it became known that the Ingenuity spacecraft was delivered to Mars onboard the Perseverance rover. It was reported that with the help of a helicopter, plans to study the planet from a height of several meters. It is believed that such drones will be able to penetrate remotely into Martian caves, where it is possible to find traces of life.

The Perseverance rover arrived at Mars on February 18. The dispatcher noted that during the landing of the device, the parachute opened as planned. A few minutes earlier, before entering the Martian atmosphere, NASA specialists received confirmation that the main engine had separated from the rover according to the schedule.

The Perseverance rover has 23 cameras and two microphones to transmit video and sound on Mars in HD quality. Experts will look for signs of microbial life in the Jezero basin. It is noted that it was there that the ancient river flowed into the lake, where now you can find specific deposits.

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