Musk and Bezos congratulated Branson on a successful flight into space

Musk and Bezos congratulated Branson on a successful flight into space

Bezos expects that in the near future he will also be able to successfully reach the Earth’s orbit

The founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk, and the creator of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, congratulated the British businessman and founder of Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson, on a successful flight into space, which he made on July 11.

Musk and Bezos wrote about this in social networks.

“Congratulations, a beautiful flight!”- in particular, Musk wrote on Twitter.

Jeff Bezos, who is also going to make a flight into on July 20, also supported Kolega.

“Richard Branson and the crew, congratulations on the flight. I can’t wait to join the club! “ wrote Bezos.

It should be noted that billionaire Richard Branson became the first tourist of the Virgin Galactic company.

Branson and three other passengers were on a rocket plane, which was lifted into the sky with the help of a special carrier aircraft. Then the rocket plane disconnected and rose to an altitude of 80 kilometers. The crew was in a state of weightlessness for about 6 minutes.

After the flight, the rocket plane successfully landed on the site of the spaceport “America”.

Together with Branson, five more crew members visited the Earth’s orbit — two professional pilots and three top managers of Virgin Galactic.

Recall that Jeff Bezos announced his plans to conquer before Branson, but will go there later. Four of the six crew members of his ship New Shepard are already known.

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