Most Germans see an advantage in being a member of the EU

Most Germans see an advantage in being a member of the EU

Most Germans believe that Germany’s membership in the European Union creates more advantages for it than obstacles.

According to Spiegel, this is evidenced by the results of a poll conducted by Civey on behalf of the Heinrich Boll Foundation.

A positive attitude towards membership prevails regardless of age, gender, education, profession, or region of residence.

At the same time, the views differ significantly depending on the political sympathies of the respondents. Thus, eight out of ten supporters of the right-wing populist and Eurosceptic AfD believe that membership creates more problems than advantages. Supporters of virtually all other political forces perceive EU membership mainly as a positive.

However, the number of people who believe that can achieve its political goals in the rather than outside it has slightly decreased: 60% believe so, which is 7% less compared to the results of 2020, and 17% less compared to 2019.

The authors of the study suggest that mistakes during the joint purchase of coronavirus vaccines may have played a role.

47% of respondents were against the EU having common debts (as suggested by the fund for the recovery of the bloc’s economy after the pandemic), while 45% are not against this approach. On this issue, the common debt was opposed mainly by supporters of the CDU / CSU, FDP, and AfD.

52% of respondents believe that Germany’s financial contributions to the EU budget are too large compared to 47% in 2020.

46% of respondents believe that the overall asylum policy should be a priority for the future federal government. 40% also prioritize supporting the rule of law, 37% — ensuring minimum social standards, and 36% — a common policy to combat climate change.

80% of respondents believe that the EU Council should be able to make decisions by a majority, and not exclusively by unanimous vote — which began the discussion in the EU after a series of vetoes from Hungary.

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