Militants abducted children from a tuberculosis hospital

Militants abducted children from a tuberculosis hospital

In Nigeria, militants have abducted three children and several adults from a hospital for tuberculosis patients. This is reported by BBC News.

The incident occurred at the National Center for Tuberculosis and Leprosy in the city of Zaria. According to the police, a group of armed men opened fire on the city police station, and another group of terrorists attacked the hospital at the same time. According to local residents, the attack on the police was a distraction.

It is noted that the militants attacked the dormitories of employees of the medical center. One of the hospital employees said that they had abducted at least 12 people, including four children. The attackers disappeared with them in the nearest forest. At the moment, local services are looking for hostages.

Cases of kidnapping occur regularly in Nigeria.

So, on June 21, it became known that in the village of Birnin-Your, terrorists attacked a school and abducted at least 80 children and several adults. It is noted that most of the abducted are girls. When entering the school, the militants killed a policeman and a child who was receiving medical care.

Before that, a similar incident was reported on May 31. Then a group of armed men attacked a boarding school in the city of Regina in western Nigeria. They kidnapped 200 students.

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