Microsoft will supply the US army with augmented reality glasses for $22 billion

Microsoft has won a contract with the US Army for the supply of augmented reality headsets, the Associated Press reports.

Under the terms of the agreement, the company will supply the military with augmented reality glasses worth $22 billion. The technology will be based on Microsoft HoloLens glasses, which were originally created for the video game and entertainment industry.

According to the Pentagon, the use of augmented reality glasses by military personnel will increase the soldier’s awareness of the surrounding environment, as well as improve their ability to detect targets and danger.

Augmented reality technology allows people to see virtual images superimposed on the physical world in front of them.

Earlier, CNN reported on the US intention to conduct large-scale virtual exercises to counter and China. According to the TV channel, we are talking about a “strictly classified war game”, the exercises will take place in the summer of this year.

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