Merkel faces growing criticism

German Chancellor Angela Merkel faced growing criticism on Monday, March 29, for not presenting a plan to curb the growing number of coronavirus infections in the country, as well as for entrusting the management of the crisis to the heads of state, Reuters reports.

Germany has little time to stop the epidemic trend, warn the country’s main health experts, who fear that the number of new daily infections will rise from 20,000 currently to 100,000.

As the third wave of the epidemic now hits the Federal Republic, Angela Merkel on Sunday suggested during a TV interview the possibility of changing the law governing public health to force the 16 states that have autonomy over health and safety to implement certain measures.

But the Chancellor failed to give further guidance, prompting criticism from the opposition and the press.

Most regional leaders rejected Angela Merkel’s plan to close schools and kindergartens in the event of a sharp increase in infections, and many decided to keep most businesses open.

Germany has never adopted such strict restrictions as, for example, France or the United Kingdom, and economists who in the past called for less stringent restrictions now attack Merkel for indecision.

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