Meghan Markle admitted to providing personal information to the authors of the book “In Search of Freedom”

Published in August, The Search for Freedom: Harry, Meghan and the Creation of the Modern Royal Family, authored by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Duran, continues to be actively discussed in the media. It tells about the details of the life of the Dukes of Sussex and their relationship with members of the royal family. However, to what extent everything written in it really took place is unknown: the representative of 39-year-old Meghan Markle and 36-year-old Prince Harry said that the spouses did not give interviews and comments, and when writing the work, the authors were guided by their experience as employees royal press office.

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However, it became known that Meghan Markle still provided personal information to the authors of the sensational book. The court documents in the case against the British tabloids, with whom the couple issuing, say that the Duchess allowed a third party to transfer information to two royal insiders. The reason was that she was afraid that they, too, would write that she had turned her back on her father Thomas Markle, as the media had repeatedly done.

Meghan’s lawyers said she was worried that her father’s media story that she stopped communicating with him and did not even try to contact him would be repeated in the book, so she allowed this information to be revealed.

The documents also state that by passing on this information, Meghan intended to show the situation from her side and ended up giving her friend (his name is not disclosed) permission to communicate with Scobie and Duran. This information included information about the letter that Megan wrote to her father.

Recall that the Duchess is currently suing the British tabloids The Mail on Sunday and MailOnline and their publisher Associated Newspapers, who published excerpts from her letter to her father, thereby violating her right to privacy. However, after the disclosure of new data, she may have problems, since now the newspaper’s lawyers claim that Megan herself allowed third parties to share the details of her life, including information about that very letter.

In addition, it was revealed that Meghan had shown a draft of the letter to her husband Prince Harry and then-Secretary of Communications at Kensington Palace Jason Knauf. Megan’s lawyers claim that she took this step, as for her it was a “deeply painful process” that they all went through together. They also noted that Knauf gave her several comments, but did not make any factual corrections to the letter, since it was a personal letter from his daughter to her father. So now Megan, it seems, will have to prove that she wrote the letter without assistance, otherwise the victory will not be on her side.

A new court hearing in this case, which was scheduled for January, was postponed until the fall of 2021.

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