Macron openly took the path of fighting Islam

On October 2, 2020, French President Emmanuel Macron unveiled a plan to protect France’s secular values from what he called “Islamic radicalism”, stating that the religion was “in crisis” around the world, Al Jazeera reported on Friday.

Macron insisted on “no concessions” in a renewed effort to oust the religious aspect from education and the public sector in France, according to a quote from the channel, in his address on Friday.

“Islam is a religion that today is experiencing a crisis all over the world, we are seeing this not only in our country,” he said.

He announced that in December the government would present a bill to tighten the 1905 law, which formally divided church and state between France.

These measures, according to Macron, are aimed at addressing the growing “radicalization” in France and improving “our ability to live together.”

According to Macron, the law allows people to practice any faith they choose, but the outward manifestation of religious affiliation will be prohibited in schools and in public service.

In his speech, Macron also said he seeks to “free” Islam in France from foreign influence by improving oversight of the funding of mosques, according to a news report.

According to Al Jazeera, France will now also undertake more scrutiny of schools and associations serving exclusively religious communities.

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