Macron announced the introduction of a “sanitary pass”

Macron announced the introduction of a “sanitary pass”

French President said that France needs a sanitary pass, detailing its creation and use. This was reported on April 29 by Le Parisien.

A health pass indicating a or a negative result of a coronavirus test will become effective in France from June 9. Currently, there is no sanitary pass in France, but discussions about its need have been going on for several months. It is planned that this pass will reflect that the person is vaccinated against COVID-19 or has a negative result of the PCR test. The European Union is also working on a similar health certificate.

Macron said that this sanitary pass from June 9 will be mandatory under certain conditions — for example, for foreign tourists or those who want to go to a crowded place. Starting from June 30, the pass will be mandatory for all participants of events with the participation of more than a thousand people, such as festivals. At the same time, Macron said that the pass “will not be mandatory for access to places of everyday life, such as restaurants, theaters, and cinemas, or for going to visit friends. On the other hand, in places where there are a lot of people, such as stadiums, festivals, fairs or exhibitions, it would be absurd not to use it.”

As previously reported, Macron revealed a plan to lift the and presented a schedule for the gradual lifting of restrictive measures, drawn up in 3-week phases.

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