Macron again said about making a “mistake”

French President has again admitted that he made a “mistake” by setting the tax that triggered the yellow vest . This was reported on April 19 by Le Parisien.

In an interview with the American channel CBS, the president once again admitted that the introduction of a carbon tax, which triggered the yellow vest crisis, was a “mistake”.

Macron also spoke about the need to “guide people” to achieve a reduction in Co2 emissions.

“If you come to the White House or the Elysee Palace to say [to citizens],’ now you have to adapt and pay more, ‘ I can assure you that you will increase social inequality. I made this mistake myself in 2018 when we underestimated the impact of such measures on the middle class.”

Emmanuel Macron: “For this revolution [reducing emissions] to take place, we must help the middle class and people with modest incomes to follow us”.

Earlier, Macron admitted that he “made mistakes” in managing the health crisis.

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