Lukashenko threatened Europeans with problems because of sanctions

Lukashenko threatened Europeans with problems because of sanctions

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko promised to respond to the sanctions imposed by the and demanded to check the work of European companies in the country. This is reported by BelTA.

According to Lukashenko, some countries are trying to intimidate Minsk with sanctions, and especially the Europeans are “zealous” in this.

“I will not expand here, express any opinions, I will just say that you understand: if the Europeans want problems in connection with these sanctions, they will get them,” he said.

Lukashenko refused to disclose the details of the Belarusian response and promised that “time will tell”.

“Give me information about the largest European projects we have,” he instructed the Prime Minister.

Lukashenko said he was referring to non-profit organizations and ” foreign agents.” He also threatened that the EU would have to transport cargo to bypassing Belarus-along the Baltic Sea “and around Spain”.

Earlier, Lukashenko threatened to ban Poland and Lithuania from transit to and China. He said that the Belarusian authorities plan to reorient all trade flows from the ports of Lithuania, because of which the Lithuanian budget may lose 30 percent of revenues.

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