Lukashenko addressed the protesters

Lukashenko addressed the protesters

Resistance to the law enforcers will be the basis for a tough response from them, said the Belarusian leader.

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Participants in anti-government will be severely prosecuted for the transition to forceful action. This was announced on Friday, October 30, by the President of Alexander Lukashenko, BelTA news agency reported.

“We tolerated it. I immediately indicated that there are red lines. And God forbid someone would cross them,” Lukashenka said. According to him, the authorities intend to toughen repressions against activists.

“Those who go out to the railway today, those who hang fascist banners on the power line, those who are trying to destroy and destabilize the infrastructure of the state, should know: from now on, especially in the apartments of citizens where they are hiding — we don’t take anyone as a prisoner,” said the Belarusian leader.

He also noted that the resistance to the law enforcement agencies will be the basis for tough retaliatory actions.

“If someone touches a serviceman (I have already made a remark to the generals), he should leave there at least without hands. I say this publicly so that everyone understands our future determination. Next is everything. We have nowhere to retreat and we are not going to retreat,” said Lukashenko.

We remind that earlier Lukashenko stated that he did not intend to flee the country in case of a change of power. According to Lukashenko, opponents will not wait for the sunset of his political career…

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