Lufthansa may cut one thousand pilots

German air carrier Lufthansa Group, the largest in Europe, could lay off about 1,000 pilots if it fails to reach an with trade unions.

The company is ready to carry out this reduction in the period from April to June next year. We are talking about the dismissal of 500 commanders and 500 co-pilots of airliners. The company’s management is trying to negotiate with the trade unions on the issue of a reduced work schedule.

As the air carrier said in early December, by the end of this year, 29,000 jobs will be cut. This number also includes 20 thousand employees working abroad. After the reduction, the company’s staff will number 109 thousand people.

The  pandemic has caused significant damage to all the Lufthansa airline companies. They had to cut flights, as well as reduce the aircraft fleet and the number of personnel.

The aviation industry expects to be able to return to pre- air traffic only by 2025.

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