Lockdown is illegal. Belgian court orders lifting of the quarantine

The Belgian authorities are obliged to cancel the quarantine measures that were introduced due to the  pandemic in a month-the court declared them illegal.

This is reported by the Belgian newspaper Le Soir.

The court of the first instance in Brussels issued the relevant ruling, granting the claim of the League of Human Rights, filed about three weeks ago. Representatives of the organization said that anti- measures restrict fundamental freedoms in Belgium.

Recall that at the moment in Belgium, the work of restaurants, cultural and sports facilities is prohibited, classes are canceled in schools, and citizens are forbidden to rest abroad.

The court did not find a sufficient legal basis for restrictions — in the law of 2007, to which the Cabinet referred, they introduce, and each time extending the  from October 2020, there are no such measures.

Therefore, the government of the kingdom was given 30 days to cancel them. For each day after the allotted time, the authorities will have to pay a fine of 5 thousand euros. The Cabinet of Ministers has the opportunity to challenge this decision.

We also wrote that in Belgium, dogs were taught to detect  cases by smell.

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