Lisbon will be closed for entry and exit

Lisbon will be closed for entry and exit

In the capital of Portugal, another outbreak of a new type of  infection has been recorded.

For the weekend, the entrance to and exit from the Lisbon suburb will be blocked. In the region of the Portuguese capital, there is an outbreak of  infection. The ban will take effect on Friday afternoon, June 18. This was reported on Thursday, June 17, by the Associated Press.

“We understand that the ban is not easy and that this is not what people want, but we believe it is necessary to protect the rest of the country,” a spokeswoman for the Portuguese government told a news briefing.

The ban does not apply to flights from Lisbon Airport and business trips. However, at the entrances to the city, there will be police checkpoints that will check travelers: symptoms of the  and certificates confirming the absence of infection.

According to experts, the outbreak of  in the Lisbon region is associated with the spread of the “Delta” strain.

On Thursday, 254 cases of the  were registered in Lisbon, compared to just 90 in the rest of the country.

Lisbon city authorities said that from July 1, vaccination centers will start opening in the capital, which will work daily from morning to night. The Lisbon authorities thus want to speed up the pace of vaccination of the population in the city.

Recall that the EU and the US plan to vaccinate two-thirds of the world’s population. Brussels and Washington intend to help the least developed countries not only overcome the pandemic but also to implement an economic recovery after this crisis.

It was also reported that 300 million COVID vaccinations were made in the European Union. The EU authorities intend to vaccinate 70% of the adult population in the countries of the bloc by the end of July.

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