Le Monde reported on the defendants of EU sanctions because of Navalny

The sanctions list includes nine people from the Presidential Administration of Russia and law enforcement agencies,” the publication notes.

The French newspaper Le Monde, without referring to sources of information, reported about nine figures on the sanctions list against Russia, which France and Germany will offer to their partners in the European Union in connection with the poisoning of Alexey Navalny. This was announced by Le Monde on Thursday, October 8.

According to the edition, the list will include representatives of the administration of the Russian president, special services, and also the State scientific research institute of organic chemistry and technology (GosNIIOKhT) where “Beginner” was invented.

“Restrictive measures will include the freezing of assets and a ban on entry into European countries,” the edition specified.

The publication recalls that the day before France and Germany issued a joint statement stating that despite requests, Russia had not provided “any convincing explanations. On this basis, Berlin and Paris considered that there was no other “plausible explanation” than Russia’s involvement in the poisoning.

Having drawn the necessary conclusions from these facts, France and Germany decided to share with European partners proposals for additional sanctions. They will be aimed against persons who will be considered guilty of this crime and violation of international norms on the basis of their official activity, as well as against persons participating in the “Beginner” program,” the statement said.

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