Latvia announced a possible catastrophe in the country due to COVID-19

On December 16, the chief infection specialist of the Latvian Ministry of Health, Ugo Dumpis, said that if the incidence of cannot be reduced, then the country will face a disaster.

He said that it is necessary to introduce new restrictions in the coming weeks to reduce the incidence rate.

“Only a lower incidence will protect the health care system and the economy from disaster,” Dumpis wrote on Twitter.

In early December, the state of emergency was extended in Latvia until January 11 due to the situation with the coronavirus.

In mid-November, the Minister of Health of the Republic, Ilze Vinkele, announced that mass New Year celebrations in Latvia would not take place this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the same time, a month earlier, the Latvian government supported a bill developed by the Ministry of Justice, according to which a fine of up to €50 is provided for refusing to wear a protective mask in public places.

According to the Worldometer portal, as of December 16, 27.4 thousand cases of COVID-19 were recorded in Latvia, 382 patients died, 18.1 thousand people recovered.

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