Japan has developed a new COVID test that detects mutations

With its help, you can simultaneously learn about the presence of the disease and about the strain

Japanese company Shimadzu has developed an instant test kit. It can be used to simultaneously detect the presence of a virus and its mutation.

It is reported by NHK.

The new test is for PCR testing that uses saliva. It will help optimize the entire process because it can be used to perform both checks at the same time.

The company said that it will take about two more months of research in order to create a product from a new set of reagents for carrying out real COVID testing. This method will only be offered to laboratories.

Note that now in Japan, PCR tests are used to detect in collected samples. Identifying mutations in the  requires an additional process using a different reagent.

Earlier, we reported that the Japanese authorities recorded a previously unknown mutation of the SARS-CoV-2  infection in a traveler returning from abroad.

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