Japan closes borders over new COVID strain

From December 28 to the end of January, Japan bans entry for all foreigners due to the risk of spreading a mutated strain of coronavirus.

Since December 28, Japan has been closing its borders to all foreigners due to a new strain of coronavirus detected in the country, which was previously discovered in the UK. The travel ban has been announced until the end of January 2021, according to Nikkei.

The restrictions do not apply to Japanese citizens and foreigners with a residence permit, they will be allowed to return to the country.

As of December 25, a new strain of coronavirus was found in five people who arrived from the UK, Nikkei reports. According to Kyodo, there were seven infected people in Japan by December 26, one of whom became infected internally.

On December 26, Japan revealed the maximum daily increase in those infected with coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic — 3877 people. Record indicators are registered in the country for the fourth day in a row. In total, more than 219 thousand residents have already become infected with the coronavirus.

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