Italy argues with Croatia over the name of wine reminiscent of Prosecco

Italy argues with Croatia over the name of wine reminiscent of Prosecco

intends to challenge Croatia, which asked the to protect the name of sweet dessert wine Prosek, produced in southern Dalmatia, whose name resembles the legendary Italian sparkling wine Prosecco.

This is reported by Euractiv.

The only thing Prosek and prosecco wines have in common is their admittedly similar name, as they differ in almost all organoleptic qualities and characteristics.

However, since Croatia’s accession to the EU, has never been able to shake off the possibility that Brussels might grant some kind of protection to Dalmatian sweet wine under the bloc’s very strict trademark laws.

The wine controversy began back in 2013 when Croatia first filed an application to protect the traditional term “Prosek.” At that time, all applications concerning traditional terms were suspended as a lengthy revision process was underway to bring the regulation on this issue in line with the Lisbon Treaty.

Those applications were reviewed again in 2019 following the adoption of the bylaws, and the Commission has now begun processing pending cases, including the Croatian application.

Traditional terms for wines are intended to convey to consumers some information about a certain description of product characteristics, such as the words “yellowish-brown” and “ruby” used for Porto wines, or “Vin de pays” or “grand cru” for French wines.

Although the traditional terms are sometimes linked to the Protected Designation of Origin quality scheme, they are not part of the geographical indication system, which guarantees the highest form of food protection in Europe.

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